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115th NY Infantry Co A Muster Roll


Regimental Officers

Colonel, Simeon Sammons, Mohawk…Commissioned in 1862

Liet. Col., E.I. Walrath, Syracuse…appointed Major Nov. 1863

Liet. Col., Geo. S. Batcheller, Saratoga…Commissioned

Liet. Col., N. J. Johnson, Ballston…Commanded in May, 1864

Major, Patrick H. Cowan, Saratoga

Surgeon, C. McFarland…Commissioned in 1863

Surgeon, R. E. Sutton, Saratoga…Went out with Regiment

Asst. Surgeon, Samuel L. Peters…Went out with Regiment

2nd Asst. Surgeon, Hiram W. Ingerson, Fonda…Went out with Regiment

Adjutant, Thos. R. Horton, Fultonville

Q.M., Martin McMartin, Johnstown…served 3 years

Chaplain, S. W. Clemens


Company A Officers

Captain, Garret Van Deveer, Fonda, NY…Died Feb. 24, 1864

1st Liet., Willet Ferguson, Fonda, NY…Promoted to Capt. Feb., 24, 1864

2nd Liet., John W Davis, Fonda, NY…severely wounded at Olustee

1st Sergeant, C. N. Ballou, Fonda, NY…promoted to Capt. 1864

2nd Sergeant, Stephen Morris jr, Glen, NY…killed at Olustee

3rd Sergeant, C.C. Cole, Glen…wounded at Drury's Bluff

4th Sergeant, Jas. W. Van Arnem, Fonda

5th Sergeant, Chas. Gross, Glen…died in Washington

1st Corporal, Thomas Smeaton, Root

2nd Corporal, John A. Hubbard, Fonda…lost leg at Harper's Ferry

3rd Corporal, Simeon J. Aumack, Glen…killed at Deep Bottom

4th Corporal, Nicholas Shults, Palatine

5th Corporal, Silas W. Horning, Glen…lost arm at Deep Bottom, Va

6th Corporal, Stephen B. Nellis, Palatine

7th Corporal, Rodolphus H. Tipple, Glen

Musician, Joseph Allin

Musician, Alvergone Ackert, Fonda…killed at Fort Fisher

Wagoner, Geo. H. Bellows, Glen…killed at Olustee



Nelson Ambridge, Palatine

Geo. W. Blowers, Fonda…died March 11, 1864

Michael Byers, Fonda…killed at Chesterfield Heights, May 7, 1864

John Brower, Fonda

G. H. Bellows,…died at Hilton Head

Robt. Baker,…died at Salisbury, NC

Reuben Blowers, Fonda

Daniel Burke, Fonda

Joseph Bese, Glen

John D. Bond, Glen…died of disease May 20, 1865

Chas. Clapson, Glen…wounded by accident at Hilton Head

Ezra Coleman, Glen…died at Fortress Monroe

Jas. P. Caldwell, Fonda

Elisha Carson, Glen…died at Andersonville, Feb. 20, 1864

Rosdell Corlew, died in North Carolina

Alfred J. Castler, Glen…wounded at Olustee

F. Cromwell,…died at Olustee

Wm. Crowden, Fonda

Joseph Carpenter, Glen

John Dutcher, Fonda

Jas. M. Dean, Fonda…died at Hilton Head

Chas. Denegar, Glen…killed at Fort Fisher, NC, Jan. 15, 1865

Chas. DeVan, Palatine…killed at Deep Bottom, Aug. 16, 1865

Geo. Enney, Fonda

Chas. Ergabroadt, Palatine

John Faus,…died at Andersonville

Daniel T. Goodbread, Palatine

Oswald Glen, Glen

John Gow, Mohawk…died at Beaufort

Jas. Gardner, Palatine…died March 19, 1864

Wm. Gardner, Palatine

Thos. J. Henry, Fonda

Henry Heaser, Fonda…killed at Petersburg, Va., June 30, 1864

John Horning, Fonda

John Hogan, Fonda…killed at Petersburg, Va., July 13, 1864

Wm. Hilton, Glen…promoted to Sergeant

John Holsner, Glen…died in Virginia

George Hart, Glen…died at Andersonville

Patrick Joyce, Palatine

John Keyderling, Glen

H. A. Keyderling, Glen

  1. W. Kirkham, Glen…taken prisoner at Olustee

John Kaiser,…killed in Virginia

Henry Keyderling, Glen

Alex. Lanegar, Glen

Jacob M. Lanegar, Glen

Solomon Lanegar, Glen

Peter Lanegar, Glen…killed at Fort Fisher, NC, Jan 15, 1865

  1. H. M. Lanegar, Glen

John A. Lanegar, Glen…killed at Olustee, Feb 20, 1864

Ira A. Lanegar, Glen

Mortimer D. Lowell, Glen

Hiram Lusk, Fonda…died in hospital Feb 1864

Whiting A. Lee, Fonda

Oliver Lighthall, Root…wounded at Chester Heights

Sam'l H. Lusk, palatine

John Lewis, Palatine

John Lasher, palatine

Menso Lasher, Palatine

Lewis Martin, Palatine

Lewis Martin jr, Palatine

McDowell, Palatine…killed at Olustee

John A. Mayer, Bleeker

Edward McCann, Glen

Bernard McGuire, Glen

Michael McMahon, Root

Thomas Neeley, Glen

Sam'l D. Osterhout, Glen…died at Hilton Head, May 6, 1863

Henry O'Neal, Root

John Pettit, Canajoharie

Daniel Peeler, Palatine…died at Andersonville

John H. Peeler, Palatine…died at Drury's Bluff

Wm. A Pratt,…died in Virginia

Wm. Reynolds, Fonda

Joshua W. Ripley, Glen

Geo. L. Rice, Glen

Niles Reynolds, Fonda

John Robinson,…died at Andersonville

Jacob Sabenhart, Palatine

Leander Snell, Palatine

George Smith, Fonda

William Strait, Fonda

Frederick Seller, Fonda

Levi Smith, Glen

W. N. Sandt, Glen…died in hospital

Conradt Smith, Palatine…wounded at Fort Fisher…missing

John Synder,…died at Hilton Head

Daniel T. Steel, Mohawk

Joseph Shannon, Palatine

John Sherlock, Glen…taken prisoner at Deep Bottom

Nathan Terrel, Fonda…wounded at Petersburg, Va….discharged

Martin Timmons, Fonda…wounded at Deep Bottom, died Sept. 14, 1864

John J. Van Brocklin, Glen…died of wounds Sept. 15, 1862

John Van Dusin, Palatine

W.D. Van Ausdell, taken prisoner and missing

William Van Alstine, Glen…wounded at Olustee

Charles Weeper, Glen…died in rebel prison, August 1864

William Weper, Glen

Lafayette Waterman, Palatine…died in rebel prison, Nov. 11, 1864




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